Diversity and Inclusion

Each of us has our own reasons for focusing on diversity and inclusion and our own understand of what it means to our organization or firm. Whether looking at it conceptually as embracing acceptance and respect or as a recognition and acknowledgement of individual differences and what they can bring to our mosaic…. is something each firm must determine.

Our consulting group (LTA) is eager to answer questions posed to us most often by organizations looking to implement diversity initiatives, including coaching and training. But…before you do anything, may we suggest….a small group of influencers in your firm or organization sit together and ask these two questions:

What is our definition of diversity?

Why is diversity important to us?

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What is a Diversity Initiative?

A Diversity Initiative is a long-term process that a firm or organization commits to in order to go from one level of diversity and inclusion to another. It is a business imperative that includes assessments, goal setting, strategies, tasks, resources and accountabilities. An Organizational Diversity Initiative is founded on a solid base of executive commitment and support.

We help creating dialogue to bridge the diversity divide. 

Is it Expensive?

The cost to implement a well-designed diversity initiative is about the cost of retaining one third-year attorney, a business manager or college professor.

Do We Need A Diversity Initiative?

You are a candidate for a Diversity Initiative if:

  • You want to hire and retain the best and brightest employees and attorneys
  • Your firm or company Is primarily one race or gender
  • You are losing minority and women Attorneys or employees and don’t know why
  • You want to Expand Your Market Base
  • You have Attempted Diversity Before – But Without a Plan
  • Your firm’s Culture Is Undefined or Negatively Defined
  • You want to Retain All Employees
  • Your clients Demand It
  • You want Your Staff to Reflect the Makeup of the Communities you serve
  • You think It Is the “Right Thing to Do”
  • You need Help Getting Started

Don’t Try If:

  • The Highest Levels of Management at the Firm Are Not Committed*
  • You Don’t Have a Plan
  • You See It as a “Program” and Not a Process
  • You Do Not Intend to Involve Everyone

*Being ‘Committed’ means providing resources, time, planning, recognition, and the proven behavior associated with diversity on a daily basis.

How Do We Make a Diversity Initiative Work?

There are five key essentials for a successful Diversity Initiative:

  1. The executive team must be committed to its success. They must walk, talk and demonstrate it every day.
  2. Diversity must be integrated into the firm’s business goals.
  3. The firm must have an actionable strategic diversity plan with goals, individual accountabilities, and measurements for success.
  4. There must be a company-wide communication plan that keeps everyone informed of your actions and progress.
  5. It starts with qualitative and quantitative assessments….

If you have a question that isn’t addressed above, please contact us.

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