Select the coaching that best fits your need.

  • Career Coaching

Stuck on whether to leave your present job or stay? Got a promotion but don’t know how to negotiate your new benefits? Need to clarify or identify what you want and need from your career? Need to balance career objectives with other parts of your life?

  • Corporate Coaching

The coach supports the leader (and the organization) in achieving specific professional goals by providing guidance, refining skill sets, staying on track and helping to be more responsive to the needs of the team and the organization.


  • Gravitas Coaching

Your professional persona…the bridge that links your value to your success. Your skill set counts for about 70% of the promotion or appointment…. the other 28-30% is ….you got it….Professional Presence.


  • Interview Coaching

Your interview responses should draw attention to your core strengths, captivate your interviewer(s) and move them to action. Coaching for a strong interview can make that happen.

  • Judicial Interview Coaching

Preparing for the Judicial Nominating Committee interview can be overwhelming. Your coach will help you center your answers around your core beliefs, clarify your judicial philosophy and challenge your responses…resulting in a strong memorable interview.

  • Personal/Life Coaching

Stuck? Need to stop and clarify your personal goals and priorities? …want to make a path to accomplish your goals, and feel more fulfilled? This is a path you can take to make that happen.


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